UX Design

We use UX design to answer challenging problems and find opportunities to go beyond initial thinking. We push boundaries of what is possible and work in partnership with clients every step of the way.
We believe that for any human interface that user experience and usability is paramount. Throughout our design, we put user experience and usability first. Combining this with contemporary high quality design - ensures that we deliver high quality enduring digital products.
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Research & Insight
It’s all about people; what they need, their behaviours and motivations. We help clients understand and empathise with their customers, pinpointing business opportunities via deep insight and analysis.

representing functions

We identify how to add value to your customer proposition and create a lasting impact. We use a range of techniques to innovate including ideation, concepting and co-creation.
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Merlyn UI Design

user experience

We connect you to your customers' needs and desires via innovative solutions that help your business thrive. We use techniques such as design thinking to help us architect and build solutions that transform customer experience and engagement. 

Web design

We love to design and build beautiful websites. Our user experience and design team combine user experience and aesthetics to create websites that are a joy to use and beautiful to look at.

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