Team Augmentation 

Our Team Augmentation solution uses our expertise to extend your team's capabilities and capacities, helping you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently. 
We provide you with everything you need to achieve your immediate or long term initiatives. From a single designer or developer on a part time basis to a complete, ready-made team, our expertise becomes an extension of your team. 

Availability, reliability and quality are all guaranteed with our flexible solution. Ideal for businesses who want to easily scale up or scale down resources, Team Augmentation helps you reduce costs typically incurred by outsourcing or recruiting in-house. 

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Our expertise, your team 

Our Approach 
We provide you with a dedicated resource (or team), to work with you on a continuous basis, at a level to match your budget.

Our expertise is available for both short and long term engagements. We possess the specific skills you need in order to fulfil your goals and objectives; be they related to project management, design, UX or development.

Working remotely, your augmented team will adapt to the project management processes that work best for your existing team. Prior to engaging with this model, we we will coordinate with you to develop best practices for constant and clear communication. 
Our Team Augmentation solution enables you to monitor performance and maintain control at all times. Compared to complete outsourcing, it affords you the ability to track progress and quality of work.

flexible solution 

Cost & Time Effective
When digital projects become especially demanding or there are gaps in the overall team’s skill set, hiring additional employees is often perceived to be the solution. However, building an internal team to help you achieve your goals can be impractical and cost prohibitive.

Our Team Augmentation model removes the need for lengthy recruitment and induction processes, thus saving you time and money. The temporary nature of our solution means you only pay for the specific skills and expertise you require, on a per project or per needs basis.   

Our dedicated resources are highly experienced developers, designers, QA testers and project managers. We guarantee their availability so you can increase your team's velocity and get more work done, faster. 


Business Growth
Our Team Augmentation model greatly benefits the scalability of your organisation. It allows you to undertake initiatives that require skill sets that would otherwise not exist internally. By increasing your team’s capabilities and capacities, your organisation has the power to be more flexible and adaptable, which ultimately, helps you scale.  

Team Augmentation also helps reduce security and privacy risks that are often connected with IT outsourcing. 

UX Design

Throughout our design, we put user experience and usability first. Combining this with contemporary high quality design - ensures that we deliver high quality enduring digital products.

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