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We have been developing software applications for web, mobile, desktop, server, embedded & IoT platforms for over 10 years.
Our unique experience enables us to offer solutions  for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and embedded (IoT) devices.

We have developed Windows Desktop applications for customers in the Financial, Transport and Legal sectors. We have also developed cross platform services and applications for customers developing IoT (embedded) devices.

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Software Applications
We are experts at translating user and business requirements into high quality, easy to use, and flexible software solutions.

We develop software for desktop, server and embedded platforms and are experienced developers of native and cross-platform applications for Linux and Windows.

We have used our software development expertise to help our customers to increase revenues, improve business processes, achieve competitive advantage and develop new ideas with our expert team of designers and engineers.

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Our Approach
We offer a variety of project management and development methodologies and approaches. For small and straightforward projects, a waterfall approach may be suitable but in general, for larger, more complex projects we favour an agile/scrum delivery model.

We use our user experience and design expertise to ensure that your software is not only functional but is simple, easy and enjoyable for your users.

Our team is focused on improving the quality of our work and the experience for your users.

Our support team can provide you with the technical and operational support you will need once your software has been released. We provide both telephone and helpdesk support.
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Our Experience
Our engineers and software architects ensure that your software is flexible enough to be extended, enhanced and scaled as your business grows and in response to customer needs.

We are operating system and platform agnostic and develop software applications on Windows and Linux on Server, Desktop, Mobile and embedded devices. We also have experience in developing software for micro controllers and specialist hardware platforms.

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Support & Maintenance

Our Proactive Support & Maintenance Plan is designed to ensure that best practices and proper procedures are in place with regards to your website, server and application security.

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